Watching the chef deftly prepare food that sizzles in front of you and you can chat with him while you have a good time with your friends - this is the pleasure bestowed on you by Teppanyaki, the Japanese iron board cooking.
Teppanyaki - show cuisine in front of your very eyes



Our teppanyaki chef has ample opportunity to demonstrate his skills on the plate. Only by using a knife, a fork, and two metal spatulas he prepares the most delicious tidbits in a very spectacular way. In unbelievable displays of dexterity, he cuts, stirs, seasons, and divides each diner's portion onto plates on the teppan. As the food is prepared on the same surface that keeps it warm, meals are served as soon as they are ready.

opening hours : daily 11.3014.30 and 17.30-23.30
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