At the beginning...



The idea

It was dated back in 1994 when four businessmen discovered the lack in the big variety of Salzburg's gastronomy, which was the nonexistence of a Japanese restaurant.
They decided right away to solve the problem by founding the first Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant in town. It was named KUSHI HACHI.


Teppanyaki fire show

What does "KUSHI HACHI" mean?

The philosophy


The name “Kushi Hachi” could be traslated as

“speared through eight”

Choosing this name for the restaurant, the fundamental idea was to explain that four businessmen and their wives are endeavoured to satisfy their guests “eight-times-better”.



800 % quality


100 % Quality


Freshest ingredients and careful preparation guide the Japanese kitchen to the status of being one of the healthiest nutrition worldwide. Come to Kushi Hachi and discover a large variety of delicious and exquisite Japanese dishes.


seafood and dobin soup






opening hours : daily 11.3014.30 and 17.30-23.30
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